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3D Print Files – Filament Feedthrough for Enclosures

11,90  incl. VAT

By popular demand, the filament feedthroughs of the 3D printer enclosure are now also available as a single set. With the 29 included STL files in the highest resolution, you can print out all the parts you need for the filament feedthroughs yourself. All files for Variant A, B and C as well as the deflection pulley with holder are included. All 3D print templates for the press-in and press-out tools are also included for easier assembly of the pulley. The files are optimized for FDM/FFF 3D printing and can be printed without support structures.


Only the 3D print files for the feedthroughs and the pulley are included. If you want to build the entire 3D printer enclosure, the complete files are available here: 3D print files of the DIY 3D printer enclosure. The 3D print models for the filament passages and the pulley are of course included in the enclosure files.

This product is a digital product, you will receive the 3D print model files. After purchasing and paying, you will receive a download link to the files via email. The 3D print templates come as high-resolution STL files in a ZIP folder. For the detailed assembly instructions of the feedthroughs and the pulley click here: Step 10: Filament feedthroughs

All models are optimized for FDM / FFF 3D printers and do not require any support structures when printing.

Please note that in addition to the 3D print files, purchased parts are also required. You find a list of all required purchased parts in the bill of materials of the DIY 3D printer enclosure. Note that for the filament feedthroughs only a piece of PTFE tube and for the pulley with holder only a 608 ball bearing and two wood screws are required.

Safety first! Read and observe the assembly safety guidelines of the enclosure and the operating manual of the DIY 3D printer enclosure, especially the safety guidelines contained therein for operation. These also apply if only the filament feedthroughs and/or the pulley with holder are built and in use.

The purchase includes the following STL files in the highest resolution:

  • 002300_Pulley
  • 002400_Screw
  • 004200_Pulley_Holder_A##
    6 models with distances A= 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 mm
  • 004300_Inlet_Tube_Connector_OD#_L##
    10 models of all combinations of attachable PTFE tube diameter outside OD= 4, 5 mm and length of the carrying-through L= 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 mm
  • 004400_Inlet_Nut
  • 004500_Bore_Cover
  • 004600_Tube_Clamp_OD4
  • 004600_Tube_Clamp_OD5
  • 004700_Tube_Clamp_with_Thread_OD4
  • 004700_Tube_Clamp_with_Thread_OD5
  • 004800_Tube_Coupling_OD4
  • 004800_Tube_Coupling_OD5
  • 000400_Tool_Bearing_Press_In
  • 000500_Tool_Bearing_Press_Out
  • 000600_Tool_Bearing_Press_Counter

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The files are intended for private use only, commercial use (sale of the printed parts) and distribution of the files is not permitted, see the Terms and Conditions for more information. If you want to sell printed parts commercially, contact me by email for a license.

With the download link received, the files can be downloaded a maximum of 5 times.

If you have any questions about the product, please send me an email to support@3d-druck-vorlagen.de.


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